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Syracuse University East Neighborhood Guaranteed Mortgage Program

Syracuse University East Neighborhood Guaranteed Mortgage Program 
Syracuse University Real Estate Services Office
Available to: Syracuse University faculty and staff purchasing a house in the map of neighborhoods you can apply this program to Eligible Neighborhoods.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Only single and two family houses are eligible. Multi-family and commercial buildings are not eligible.
  • Full-time and regular part-time faculty and staff are eligible. Temporary faculty and staff, grad assistants and students are not eligible.
  • Buyer agrees to live in the home as principal residence. If buyer decides to sell, rent, or move out, the mortgage must be refinanced through another mortgage program.
  • Buyer meets all customary lending criteria established by the lending institution. The decision to grant a loan rests solely with the lending institution.
  • Buyer must fill out an application and eligibility form. This form is reviewed by the Syracuse University Real Estate Services Office, the Office of Human Resources, and the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance. If the application is approved, the buyer then submits the form to the lending institution, which processes the mortgage application under the East Neighborhood Guaranteed Mortgage Program.
Applications are available from the Real Estate Services Office at 443-2104 or here. Participating lending institutions.


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