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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 846 Livingston Ave

Life at 846 Livingston

We have loved living at 846 Livingston Avenue for these past 15 years. The first day we saw the house, we were captivated by the beveled glass on the front door; the original, rich golden oak woodwork throughout; and the �arts-and-crafts� bungalow-style architectural features. We had been househunting for weeks and had seen 39 other houses; this house, #40, stood apart�and we knew right away that it had to be our home.

Once we moved in, we discovered that we had not only been lucky in finding the right house, but that we also had bought ourselves into a wonderful block and location. The block consists of a warm, friendly community of well-kept owner-occupied homes. Roughly half of the adults on the block work at Syracuse University. We found that we had neighbors�a mix of devoted long-term residents as well as more recently arrived young singles, couples, and families�who look out for each other, grow beautiful gardens, and throw holiday parties to which all are invited. The block is also just a short walk to Syracuse University�10 minutes or less door-to-door to most locations on campus.

In the summer, our backyard becomes a park-like setting. It is unusually large for the neighborhood, full of vibrant perennial blooms, and made private by large trees with lush foliage. We have loved eating our meals outside beneath the open sky.

As years have proceeded, we have appreciated our home all the more. It is a cozy place in winter, and airy and pleasant in summer. The large master bedroom is bright, open, and airy. Closet space abounds, and the full-size attic provides plenty of storage space. The sleeping porch makes for a lovely study for three seasons of the year. The house is very solidly constructed, and being in it simply feels right. We hope the next owners will enjoy it as much as we have!

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