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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 204 Manor Dr

Why we love 204 Manor Drive, East Syracuse, NY 13057...

Our home, 204 Manor Drive, has been our first nest and it's hard not to be emotional about it. We moved there in September 2010, shortly after moving to Syracuse, and fell in love with it - it greeted us with a bunny hanging out near the sunroom. We planned to raise our children here and enjoy the place for as long as possible, but a new position out-of-state has caused us to leave much sooner than we anticipated. Honestly, we wish we could just take it with us, but it's a not a thing to be packed and dragged, it is home with roots, history, beautiful present and even more beautiful future.

We have a special relationship with 204 Manor Drive: we dearly love it, and it loves us back. It is the shelter where we and our children have always felt safe, warm and wanted. It is the right size and everything is in its right place; it is cozy, sweet and kind. It is home.

The first time the home threw us a pleasant surprise was spring and summer. We saw different perennials that surround it blooming one after another. The mature trees, including tall evergreens, give us shade in summer and color in winter. The swing set in the front yard was a place where we enjoyed the quiet neighborhood and at the same time it was a gateway to meet and greet our neighbors. And there is a special place in our hearts just for the sunroom. It is the place where we feel peaceful and rested.
Sometimes we wondered what made our home so special, why it was so kind and loving to us, the newcomers, until suddenly we realized that the house was nurtured and groomed by different generations of people, it saw a lot of love and care, and we have to be no exception. That's when our love for the home started maturing.

P.S. The neighborhood was another big surprise. We moved to Syracuse from abroad, and we had no real knowledge about the various areas of town. We were looking for a safe place for the kids in a good school district and we found it. Our neighbors would be so great, looking after us and helping us to adjust to life in Syracuse. And finally, we consider it to be a great bonus that we are just so close to the shopping, Green Lakes and the Erie Canal parks.

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