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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 8731 Alizarin Ave

Our house has been a phenomenal place full of light and love; it has truly become a home! Making the decision to move on was not an easy one for many reasons.
The neighborhood we live in is beautiful. Our neighbors are warm and friendly, the type of people who always lend a hand if you’re ever in need! It’s a peaceful place all year. We have enjoyed many long walks with our dog and our daughter as she’s grown over the past two years. This is the perfect area to go for a run or a bike ride any time of day or night. Safe, well-lit, and comfortable.
Our backyard has been the site for so many family barbeques and parties. Midnight swims, cook outs, and even our own version of the Olympic Games one summer (that was before our child was born, all pictures have been destroyed)! Having so much space has allowed our four-legged baby lots of space to romp and play. More importantly, it’s provided an all-seasons recreational space for our little girl! She has LOVED and making snow angels and being pulled around in her sled this winter. In the warmer months there has been a staggering number of outdoor toys on display!
The proximity of our home to various locations has been a luxury. There’s all the shopping you need, from Wegmans to Target, a few miles away on Route 11. Our vet is around the corner on Route 31, and Thee Diner is a hop down the road. They have the BEST ice cream in the summer! The most obvious landmark is Oneida Lake. There are public docks within a few miles as well as tons of great parks. All the major highways are super accessible within just a few minutes too- this has been a major perk since we drive out of state to visit family often.
Within the walls we have been spoiled by so much living area. A guest room for frequent out of town guests, the most glorious kitchen for entertaining, and one of the many bedrooms is a home office. The particularly unique bonus of having a 100% handicap accessible first floor- from the entry to the shower- has been instrumental during holiday celebrations with elderly relatives.
We really struggled with the decision to downsize our house, but it was made just a bit easier knowing that someone else will be able to enjoy this amazing space!
James and Lisa

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