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The winter of 2005 was very challenging for our family as aging parents experienced changes more rapidly than we imagined possible. One day we asked each other the question..."If we
woke up tomorrow morning and we were living in the ideal setting and situation what would that
look like?" Our answer sounded like this.

We would live in a home where Mum and Dad could live with us, in a handicapped

accessible space, and maintain their independence of cooking and self care for as long as

possible. Ideally we wanted to have two homes in one. The home would allow for our proximity

so they were never far from us when they needed assistance. It would be a home where they

could invite friends in and have both indoor and outdoor space that was theirs and they could be

close enough to us to feel safe and secure. We could live together yet be separate.

We would live in a home that was twenty minutes easy drive to work, worship,

recreation, stores, pharmacy, restaurants, medical facilities and major highways. We would live

in a home where there was lots of room for family to visit and have comfortable

accommodations with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms.

We wished for a neighborhood where there were families of all ages and people were

friendly. We wanted to see neighbors out walking and having conversations when the weather

was nice. We hoped for a yard large enough to plant flowers and seasonal things like tomatoes

and gourds. Perhaps we would see nature with lots of birds, some squirrels and may be a deer

or two. We would live in a home where we would feel so comfortable with our immediate

neighbors that it would be hard to imagine not having them live next door.

In July of 2005 we moved into our family home where our dream came true. Mum and

Dad were with us for seven years and they loved their space. And we loved being together as a

family during that chapter. And now it is time for this great big two houses in one to host another

family who is thinking about their ideal family home. We love living at 4596 and we know it's

time to share this huge home with another family who want to be together.

— Scott and Jane Kavanagh

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