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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 1 Parkwood Dr

We’re really going to miss this house, it’s been so incredibly good to us over the past few years. We can’t really describe how much we’ll miss this house. We’ve spent so many summer nights sitting out back roasting marshmallows in our outdoor fireplace. We’d sit in front of that same fireplace in the fall, though certainly huddled a little bit closer. We’ve spent countless shivering winter hours running through the snow in the front yard with the dog. And in the spring, she’d lounge under the shade of the big tree as we raked and trimmed and planted. My wife scoped this house out in the first place because of the commute: no matter how bad the weather got, downtown Syracuse was always a pretty easy drive. Later on we discovered all the other little places nearby: Cafe Kubal coffee shop just up on James Street and Wegman’s just around the corner. We’re just a quick 15 minutes from Green Lakes State Park, which then puts you right​ next to Ironwood Pizza in Manlius — it’s the only pizza place I’d be willing to drive 25 minutes for, and there’s a great cupcake place right next to it. We were never very far from what we needed or wanted to do. The neighborhood is great, near enough to things downtown and in the suburbs; but most importantly, it’s quiet. Our house is great because you only have neighbors on one side. Everywhere else is wide open. We go running up along the streets behind the house and are never really worried about cars and traffic. But I think the best thing about the house is it’s little hidden gem: the big bedroom window on the second floor. On stormy nights, the rain hits the window in a constant, hypnotizing rhythm. I’ve never been lulled to sleep as quickly as when it rains against that window.

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