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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 414-16 Kensington Rd

We bought 414-416 Kensington Road because it was in excellent condition. It was an owner-occupied home, where the owner had taken very good care of the home, including updating the plumbing and electrical systems. We benefited from these upgrades by having very low maintenance costs over the years. We loved the University area and loved the location of this house, very close to campus, and surrounded by other well cared for homes.

We moved out of this house and into a one family home many years ago and then rented both units of 414-16 Kensington Road. We have never had a unit go unrented, even for a single month. We have had wonderful tenants all 19 years that we have owned this home, many staying for 2, even 3 years. The house remains fully rented until May 27, 2018.

We have continued to maintain the house throughout the years, including putting on a new 40 year architectural shingle roof and rebuilding the 2 front porches, as well as adding vinyl siding. We have replaced many of the windows with Anderson windows. We also replaced all plumbing lines to both bathrooms with PEX lines.

The house is close to a city bus-stop on Westcott Street, which is desirable for tenants and is just a short walk to campus. We hope you enjoy owning this wonderful home, as we have.

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