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Owners' Perspective: Why we love 701 Scott Ave

The house is in such a great neighborhood! The neighbors all are friendly and nice and there are neighborhood block parties/get-togethers. It is a vibrant location with Nottingham Plaza and
Westcott street nearby. I love walking down to A La Mode Ice Cream shop for the tasty ice
cream and sandwiches! We have enjoyed having Breuggers and Dominos so close too. In the
Westcott area, there are lots of great eating places such as Alto Cinqo and a library. Jamesville
Dewitt Schools are great schools, and the elementary and middle schools are within a 5-minute

It is a wonderful neighborhood to walk, jog or ride your bike with flat areas as well as hills with
incredible views for miles. I love just relaxing or eating out on the deck or in the sunroom as it is
so nice. I love the privacy and being surrounded by nature in the backyard, sunrooms or deck,
yet we are close by to everything and anywhere we want to get to. It is fun seeing beautiful
birds like Robins and Blue Jays come to our bird feeder and watching with binoculars! I loved
being able to get to SU games or Upstate or downtown so easily as well as Erie Boulevard
shops, Wegmans and Tops, golf courses and libraries as they are all so close! I love going to the new Dewitt Library and taking my kids or walking down to the Greek Festival every summer for yummy food and great music! When I was growing up, I used to climb up the hill in the
backyard and that was fun and gave me great views. It’s like having your own private forest or
hiking area which is awesome! I loved having the bonus room downstairs where I could hang
out with my friends, or we would play ping pong or games while the adults were upstairs. It’s a
great house to grow up in and a great house to welcome your friends to.

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