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Items needed for your loan application

To make your loan application go smoothly, we've provided this list of things you need to bring to complete the loan application process. Be sure to read and understand everything you sign, especially the loan terms. Ask questions if you are uncertain about anything.

ItemBring These Things

Names and addresses of all employer(s) in last 2 years

  • 1 months current paystubs
  • Last 2 years W-2s
  • If self-employed bring last 2 years of tax returns
  • SONYMA loans require 3 years of tax returns

Home address(es) of applicant(s) over last two years

  • Names and addresses of landlord(s), if applicable

Information on home being purchased (or refinanced)

  • Copy of sales contract on new home
  • Descriptive information on home (Listing info)
  • Survey (if available)
  • Seller's Disclosure

If purchasers have another house to sell (Which is to be or has been sold)

  • Copy of sales contract on that home
  • Estimate of net proceeds from that sale
  • If property has settled, copy of settlement sheet

Checking, savings, credit union accounts

  • Name of Institution, address, account number
  • Last 3 bank statements (settlements)
  • Approximate balance

Description of other assets and estimate of worth

  • Stocks, bonds, 401k, mortgages owned, etc.
  • Other real or personal property

Credit cards, other debts

  • Name of institution(s) and address(es)
  • Type of debt
  • Account number(s), approximate balance(s), minimum monthly payment(s)

If income other than salary is used to qualify

  • Current leases on investment properties
  • Evidence of retirement pay
  • Evidence to support receipt of child support or alimony


For FHA loans

  • Copy of original Social Security card
  • Copy of photo ID

For VA loans

  • DD214 for Veteran
  • Transfer orders (and off-base housing letter, if not in military District of Washington)
  • Recent leave and earnings statement
  • Certificate of eligibility
  • Statement of service


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