Home Staging 101: Sell Your Syracuse Home for More

Selling your Syracuse home? Then it's time to make sure you have a thorough staging plan. Staging your home is a crucial step in the selling process: it presents your home in a neutral light to buyers, enticing them into picturing their own belongings there. A properly staged home shows buyers all the benefits of the space, and how it will work to improve their own lifestyles. Plus, it has greater profit potential—staging your home properly will earn you a higher return on your initial investment.

Contrary to what you may have heard, home staging is not simply "fluffing" up the space by adding decorative throw pillows or fancy new houseplants to your home: it's a calculated design approach that will make your home sell faster and for more money. On this page, you'll find some great home-staging tips to help get you started.

Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

Take a long look at your front yard: is it welcoming and inviting? If you didn't already live there, would the front steps make you want to come inside? Be honest with yourself. Is it in need of some power washing? Are any of the shingles broken or hanging? Little things like this will leave a negative impression on potential buyers.

Make your front porch welcoming

Your front door should look like an invitation. Make sure it's clean and properly painted, and your door knob is properly polished. Replace your house numbers if tarnished, add a welcome mat, and spruce up your patio furniture to create a charming entryway to your home.

Work the landscaping

Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and any overhanging branches, and clear any fallen sticks or leaves from the grass. If the season is right, you might consider planting some bright flowers or even adding some decorative fencing.

Clean & Repair

Brush up on maintenance

Finish all of your maintenance projects before you begin staging—and well before any potential buyers come to take a tour! Make sure any leaky faucets, burnt out lightbulbs, or nicks and tears in the walls are properly taken care of. Don't give a buyer any reason to doubt the soundness of your home.

Clear out some clutter

This is the most important part of staging your home. There's a fine, fine line between a home looking "balanced" and "cluttered." Err on the side of caution and declutter as many of your belongings as you possible can. In addition, take some time to clear out the things you don't regularly use, perhaps even hosting a yard sale or renting a storage locker, if needed.

Deep clean

Give your home the works. Even if you consider yourself a clean person, your home probably has a few nooks and crannies that could use a good scrubbing. Deep clean your carpets, wipe down your baseboards, and tackle every square inch of your home with some serious cleaning.

Do a Little Decoration


But really, use only a little bit of decoration. The trick to staging your home is creating a neutral, blank canvas for potential buyers to paint their own belongings there. Take down any of your personal decor and decorations, and tone down any bright or bold colors you have on the walls. Keep it simple and neutral.

Lighten up... your rooms

Open all the windows, turn on the lights, and do whatever you can to make your home appear bigger and brighter to buyers! No one wants to walk into a home that's dark or depressing. You may want to consider upping wattage in rooms that don't get a lot of sunlight, or adding a few more decorative light pieces.

Add some seasonal decor

Use the seasons to your advantage! If you're selling during the spring or summer, bring in some fresh flowers for an extra splash of color. During the holidays, keep your decor simple and light some soft-scented candles to create an inviting atmosphere to guests and buyers.

Want to Sell Your Syracuse Home?

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